United States

Viva Las Vegas!

When driving through Nevada, there were not much to see, besides dessert and some tumble- weeds flying over the roads. The city of Las Vegas shows up very suddenly and almost unexpected, as it is not built much up before you reach the city, like Los Angeles or other American cities. The city has plenty of free parking lots, and hotels do not charge much, as the casinos and strip clubs are supposed to bring in most of the money from tourists. When walking down “the Strip”, we could see the whole world in about an hour, with a shopping center in a castle, a rollercoaster through the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building, and a pyramid with a sphinx and a big Eifel tower in a restaurant district. The city seemed really made up, and almost fake as it was built in the middle of nowhere, but hey.. I can say that I´ve been to Vegas.