Weekend Getaway in Helsinki

With about fourty collegues I set off to Helsinki, not knowing what was ahead. It was a suprise trip planned by some fellow colleagues with a semi tight schedule during the day and let loose time in the night. Getting sleep was the least of our priorities so we ended up visiting rock and metal bars and drinking Salmiakki Korva in the night, which was quite how I had imagined Finland being like. Saturday morning we were up early to a so called “Foxtrail”- a mix between an escape room and the TV show “Amazing Race” where the goal was to find clues that lead us through the city. Sunday we also had quite a stereotypical Finnish experience spending the day recovering in a Sauna. Not like a sauna at home, but more like a spa complex with a restaurant and a room to relax by a fireplace between the heats. Being just an hour flight away, it was funny to see how different the Finnish is from the rest of the Nordics. My favorite place throughout the city must have been the food market with lots of smells and temptations.