Ghana, Togo, Trans African Overlanding

WLI Waterfalls on the Togolese Border


After visiting a couple of beach towns in Ghana it was time to see one of the country’s natural beauties called the WLI Waterfalls. After a couple of days drive from Accra we had reached our destination which was laying directly on the border of Togo. Because it was on the borderland it was compulsory to go with a guide and we all paid about 10 euros each to get a local to accompany us the 5 hour hike to the upper waterfall.
The trail was steep and the temperature was high. We were all sweating and  breaks to catch our breaths, but when we got to the top and saw how beautiful the falls were we agreed that it was all worth it. The falls were really high with a pool underneath it for a swim and a shower. Following the river we could also stand on the edge of the lower falls and look down. Lucas from our group wanted to see even more and decided to go further up the mountains. What he did not know was that the waterfall separated Ghana and Togo, so when he crossed it he was illegally in Togo and could have been arrested. Luckily there were no border guards there and he managed to get back to our group in Ghana right after the sunset.